We are exceptional when it comes to building complex weldments from sheet metal, machined, and tuber lasered parts We have 12 fabrication stations, with 5 tons of overhead crane capacity. We fabricate big stuff. We fabricate small stuff. We fabricate complex stuff. We provide high-quality metal fabrication services.

TIG Welding

We weld stainless steel, aluminum and exotic alloys beautifully. 

MIG Welding

Most of the fabrication work we do is MIG welded. 

metal fabrication services near me
Fabrication Services Near Me

Robotic Welding

When it comes to mass producing weldments, the efficiency and savings provided by robots can't be ignored. We have 2 ABB large format robotic welding cells complete with 7th axis trunnions. 

Fabrication Services Near Me

Pipe Fabrication

Our welders are certified in B31.3 severe and API 1104 pipe welding and metal fabrication services. We are equipped to cut, bevel, and weld up to 12″ diameter pipe and fabricate and deliver spools in excess of 40 feet long. At Black Mountain MFG we proudly maintain a 2% X-Ray shot record.

Fabrication Services Near Me